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Getting Started

The Bluedot Point SDK enables an 'always-on' geo-location capability for apps by delivering accurate location awareness, while substantially reducing battery consumption compared to Core Location or other standard SDK methods. Point SDK connects to Bluedot's backend system, Point Access, to download your pre-configured geo-fences, conditions and actions.

The Point SDK enables rapid development of location-aware apps. It delivers precise location services, but without the usual battery drain that would typically occur. There's also no need for additional hardware, making it highly scalable. This means the Point SDK enables location-based apps that were previously impossible. The rest is up to you.

Point Access provides a web-based user interface to configure location-related data objects for Apps powered by the Bluedot Point SDK. Point SDK then downloads and executes them within the Application, both in foreground and background execution modes.

Developer resources for the Android SDK, iOS SDK, Bluedot Point Access and Public APIs can be accessed from this page.

From the Bluedot team.

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